In Home Session Prep

When preparing for your in-home session, I highly recommend focusing on the master bedroom...

A few things I recommend is having a white or neutral duvet cover if at all possible. You can even use the duvet insert instead of a cover, use only white sheets, or sprawl a nice white quilt over the bed! Whites and neutrals will allow more light to reflect up onto your faces, will brighten all of your images, and create a timeless feel. If you don’t have something white or neutral, be sure to keep it as classic as possible. Remember that colors and patterns will eventually be dated, which makes neutrals our best for images you’ll love sharing for years to come.

On occasion I walk into a client's home who has gushed over my "bright, calming colors and edits" and then has navy blue walls and deep red bedding. If the images on my website and social media have drawn you in, try to make note of what you love about the images. If it is the light and airy feel, take a look at your bedroom and see if the color palettes match. Please understand that your decor and clothing are going to sway the overall feel and vibe of your images. Soft tans and whites will be much brighter and softer than deep reds. In the end, these are your images so you are welcome to choose whatever you would like!

Another thing to remember for your indoor session is that I will often shoot toward the bed so if you have items on your end tables that you don’t want seen in the final images, please move them out of the bedroom or tuck them into some drawers out of view. If you do not have time to tidy up, I am happy to help you when I get there! 

I suggest you clean and declutter some, but please do not stress! I love lived-in homes and want to tell your story authentically.